Coaching 2016 High School Regional Champion-Tom Manning-York HS

Jacob Lehotay wins MAJGT at Prairie Landing Golf Club

90% High School Players made the team in 2017

Blake Biddle-#1 rank HS player in Illinois and 2 time Collegiate Winner-UNLV

brian king has over 25 years of teaching experience and is an expert in private Junior lessons, junior golf camps and junior golf development programs to golfers in Saint Charles, Geneva, Batavia, South Elgin & North Aurora!!

junior golfers of all ages---get in the game!!!!! a lifetime of fun and enjoyment!!

Regardless of your experience level, EVERYONE wants to be more consistent. Your long list of swing thoughts, tips from other players and your most recent article read in the magazines keep you from lower scores and enjoying the game more. Do you want to win more bets from your buddies or simply achieve your goal of breaking 100? You can get there with personalized coaching from PGA Professional and Fox Valley Golf Lesson Brian King.

Brian King an expert in junior golf development in the Fox Valley area. A passion to work with junior golfers from a young age and beyond for over 25 years. Beginning at an early age learning the basic movements and skills to have FUN, enjoy PLAYING a game and reach whatever goals they may have is what Brian mentors. Using the latest in technology with 3-D Launch Monitors, Ipads and video analysis allows Brian to cultivate and nuture the skills for each individual student. Every junior golfer learns, develops and grows at different rates so providing a unique and tailored experience for each person is important.

Success Story

Blake Biddle's parents started entrusting his game to Brian when he was 11 years old. Brian has had the pleasure of coaching Blake from winning AJGA tournaments, record setting high school career at Wheaton Academy, scholarship to University of Nevada-Las Vegas where he won 2 college tournaments. Blake now plays professionally with the ultimate goal of playing the PGA Tour. Click here to see an article about Blake. Brian has proven results with junior golfers and enjoys sharing his passion for the game with junior golfers!!

Brian understands that not everyone can swing the same way, has the same physical attributes, or the same goals. This understanding helps him to CUSTOMIZE your program for YOUR Goals! This is all about you!

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Swing By King Facilities

Brian teaches at the Swing by King Indoor Center in Saint Charles during the winter months using video, FlightScope Launch Monitor, BodiTrak balance plates.

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Learn From The Best

Throughout his professional career, Brian has taken part in a number of golf related endeavors. See here how Brian's experience can help your game

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Reviews & Testimonials From Real Students

"My 13 year old daughter Ella has worked with Coach King for the past 2 years.  He has a gentle approach that kids warm to and fosters a team atmosphere that makes golf practice a fun social experience. Coach King utilizes his state of the art facility to breakdown the golf swing into small, manageable chunks that enables the kids to follow their own progress through video and apps.  If the weather allows, they utilize Praire Landing, one of the nicest golf practice facilities in the State. Coach King stresses fundamentals and positive attitude.  Ella's swing is better than mine. She's learned the right way, from the ground up and I am looking forward to many years of playing competitive golf with my daughter".

-Anthony Tassone

“As parents we love Brian’s junior golf program. Our kids really enjoy the team camaraderie and the competition. It’s a testament to Brian’s leadership and style of coaching, which is calm, yet purposefully minimalistic. I remember watching one of his first lessons. The kids sat down and listened as Brian talked to them about everything from types of grass and proper etiquette, to removing their hat to shake hands at the end of every match. The entire atmosphere is welcoming and built on the principles of respect – all consistently delivered with positive reinforcement.”

-Greg & Lynette Dummer

My son and I took lessons from Brian and the results were fast and significant. In just four short lessons Brian helped me refine a few key things in my swing that helped me realize untapped potential. The best part was that he didn't attempt a full/complicated rebuild of my swing, but rather worked with my current tendencies. Brian identified key areas that needed tweaking and also provided drills that I could work on in my own time. In less than 1 month, I have added 15-20 yards to my mid-irons while reducing my tendency to hook the ball. I couldn't be happier with the results.

My son has aspirations of making his high school team this fall. He is a fairly inexperienced golfer. Literally within 2 minutes of working with him, Brian had him hitting the ball better than he ever had. The plan is to have Brian work with him through out the summer leading up to tryouts.

If you ever considered taking lessons, I can't recommend Brian enough. He has the perfect demeanor, is very knowledgable and will provide results whatever your skill level.

-Mark Prusak

"Thank you Brian, I invited my best clients to your golf swing workshop and they had an amazing experience. It gave me the opportunity to connect with them outside the work world and treat them to a golf coaching experience they won't soon forget. It is very true that there is a great deal of business being done on the golf course. We will be back for more!!"

-Brad Price--National Sales Manager

"When I approached Brian regarding a lesson plan for this winter and spring, I was surprised when he said that we would accomplish much more this winter indoors at his indoor facility than we could hitting outdoors. But combining his coaching ability with Flightscope showed me more in the first 2 or 3 lessons than I could have imagined. Now that I've been able to combine some driving range practice with more lessons, my improved understanding of swing mechanics and what to practice has me excited to work on my game this summer."

-Tom Hudepohl