Fox Valley Golf Lesson. #1 Destination in the St. Charles, Geneva, Bativia, South Elgin and North Aurora Illinois area.

Fox Valley Golf Lesson Golfer with Brian King

Loading Up For More Distance!

Add 16.5 Yards To Your Drives, Play more CONSISTENT GOLF and Beat your Buddies! Fox Valley Golf Lesson. Home of the number one golf lesson destination in St. Charles, Illinois. 

Are you looking for golf lessons in St. Charles, Illinois? You have come to the right place. But don’t take it from me. Read what one of our golfers had to say and scroll down to download your special report on how to hit it 16 1/2 Yards Farther!

“Brian, Thought you might like to know that I had a 77 at conference today and I took first for the fresh/soph level. Thank you for all of the lessons, they really paid off in a timely manner.” – Matthew

Regardless of your experience level, EVERYONE wants to be more consistent.   Your long list of swing thoughts, tips from other players and your most recent article read in the magazines keep you from lower scores and enjoying the game more.  Do you want to win more bets from your buddies or simply achieve your goal of breaking 100?  You can get there with personalized coaching from PGA Professional and Fox Valley Golf Lesson Guru Brian King.

Brian understands that not everyone can swing the same way, has the same physical attributes or the same goals.  This understanding helps him to CUSTOMIZE your program for YOUR Goals!!!  This is all about you!!!

Fox Valley Golf Lesson Coaching Programs are located at Prairie Landing, April – October and the Swing by King Golf Performance Center December- March. Goflers from St. Charles, Batavia, Geneva, Fox Valley, South Elgin, North Aurora and all across the state of Illinois come for the golf experience they cannot find anywhere else.

Brian’s custom coaching programs can be designed in many ways.  Customized programs can be 30 minute sessions, one hour sessions, 90 minute sessions, 2 hour on-course sessions, three hours and full day programs.  Every program is created to help you reach your goals and scheduled around you.  To customize your program with Brian call 630.202.GOLF or download your free report above and Brian will follow-up with you within 24 hours.

CLICK HERE to discover what one golfer had to say about playing more consistently with Brian’s coaching!!

CLICK HERE to discover what one golfer had to say about reaching new heights with Brian’s Coaching!!


To speak with Brian about any of the above programs please phone 630-202-GOLF.