Private Golf Coaching


Regardless of your experience level, EVERYONE wants to be more consistent. Your long list of swing thoughts, tips from other players and your most recent article read in the magazines keep you from lower scores and enjoying the game more. Do you want to make that high school team, win more bets from your buddies or just achieve your goal of breaking 100? You can get there with personalized coaching from Brian.

Brian understands that not everyone can swing the same way, has the same physical attributes or the same goals. This understanding helps him to CUSTOMIZE your program for YOUR Goals! This is all about you!

Coaching programs are at Prairie Landing, April – October and the Swing by King Golf Performance Center December- March.

Brian’s custom coaching programs can be designed in many ways. Customized programs can be 30 minute sessions, one hour sessions, 90 minute sessions, 2 hour on-course sessions, three hours and full day programs. Every program is created to help you reach your goals and scheduled around you.

Private sessions

The “Private Coaching Sessions” can cover any area of the game including full swing, short game or playing strategies on the Prairie Landing practice holes. Tailored for what YOU want.


Individual Lessons --  Sessions

Hour Session

Contact Brian for your customized series rates.

Individual Lessons--30 Minute Sessions

30 Minutes

Contact Brian for your customized series rates.

If you would like a very customized program tailored for your goals please click here and start your road to better golf!!