Real Testimonials & Reviews

"My son and I took lessons from Brian and the results were fast and significant. In just four short lessons Brian helped me refine a few key things in my swing that helped me realize untapped potential. The best part was that he didn't attempt a full/complicated rebuild of my swing, but rather worked with my current tendencies. Brian identified key areas that needed tweaking and also provided drills that I could work on in my own time. In less than 1 month, I have added 15-20 yards to my mid-irons while reducing my tendency to hook the ball. I couldn't be happier with the results. My son has aspirations of making his high school team this fall. He is a fairly inexperienced golfer. Literally within 2 minutes of working with him, Brian had him hitting the ball better than he ever had. The plan is to have Brian work with him through out the summer leading up to tryouts. If you ever considered taking lessons, I can't recommend Brian enough. He has the perfect demeanor, is very knowledgable and will provide results whatever your skill level. "

Mark Prusak

"“I can’t even begin to explain how much Brian has helped me over the 8 years that I have been working with him. The past few years I have been able to work with Brian a lot, and that has led me to the point where I am in my golfing career thus far. He has helped me with mechanics, but more importantly he has taught me how to score and play some of my best rounds of golf. I can remember the playing lessons that he has given me, and I rely on them on the course in competition regularly. Not only has he gotten me conscious of swing thoughts that I need under pressure, but the work we have put in around the greens has really brought my game to the next level. Brian is a short game wizard, and I really don’t think there are many, if any better short game instructors in the state. I owe all of what I have accomplished to him, and I am so grateful for the time he has spent with me at Prairie Landing, and also over the phone at events all over the country when I am struggling with something at a tournament. Not only has he been a great teacher, but he has been a great mentor and a very loyal friend to me. I can’t imagine where I would be in golf without him, and he has gotten me to where I am able to play major NCAA Division 1 golf at UNLV. The coach at UNLV still currently works with many players on the PGA Tour, but I have no intentions of stopping working with Brian even thousands of miles away. Brian is someone that I am relying on to make me the best golfer I can be, and I know as a team over the next four years we can accomplish OUR goal, me playing on the PGA Tour.” You’re the best,"

Blake Biddle

"Having played competitive golf since I was 8 years old I have seen a lot of player/coach relationships. Brian King communicates with his players better than any coach i've been around. Brain goes above and beyond to ensure that his players truly understand what it is they are trying to accomplish with the golf swing in a way that allows the player to own their swing. Having gone through a complete swing change with Brian I saw immediate results and look forward to continued success in the future. Extremely Satisfied, Dan Dempsey"

Dan Dempsey

"Thought you might like to know that I had a 77 at conference today and I took first for the fresh/soph level. Thank you for all of the lessons, they really paid off in a timely manner. I hit 11 greens in regulation today, my highest total by 5 for the year and I had four birdie putts within 7 feet on the second nine I played. I’ve never hit the ball better and so I just wanted to thank you and I thought you may like to know that this was the best I’ve played all year. Thanks again!"


"After years of tinkering with equipment and dabbling with various swings of the month, I finally decided that it was time for “professional help”. No, not a shrink (although it wouldn’t have been a bad idea), but golf lessons! When I first met Brian, I had a 13 handicap and a swing, that when videotaped, actually made others faint. It was gross! Somehow I was able to slap the ball around with ill-fitting equipment and a putting stroke that at least kept me in the high 80’s most days. The problem is…I wasn’t having any fun at all. I wasn’t hitting the ball flush EVER and certainly wasn’t improving as a player. Luckily, Brian to the rescue. He patiently was able to diagnose not only my swing flaws, but properly fit me into equipment that complimented my new swing. His video capabilities and launch monitor, combined with his club making/fitting abilities, changed my golf game around completely. Brian built a set of irons for me that, because of the shaft, launched the ball higher and carried 10 yards farther. It turns out that I had been in clubs that were too long and too upright. Thankfully, no more low toe hooks. Aaahh – the SWEET spot finally!! The new clubs however, work better, because my swing is better. Brian got the club in front of me more and as a result, my swing plane is flatter. By not being as steep, I’ve eliminated the “lefts”. I no longer have to steer the ball for fear of hooking it into the trees. I hit it further, straighter and swing more confidently and freely. Because of his expertise, I am now a 7 handicap. Golf is FUN again and I owe it all the Brian!!!!!"

Andrew S.